Endless love for Sheikh Rehana

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This picture shows Sheikh Rehana with her son Radwan Siddiq Bobby, her daughters Tulip Siddiq and Azmina Siddiq Rupanti and Tulip Siddiq’s husband Christian William John Percy. The people of Bangladesh who believe in the spirit of the Liberation War of 1971 feel proud of the achievements of Sheikh Hasina which have glorified Bangladesh on the global stage.

At the same time Bangabandhu’s another competent daughter Sheikh Rehana, who is the Prime Minister’s younger sister, deserves to be applauded too for the unflinching moral support she has all along extended to Sheikh Hasina during difficult times.

The greatest tragedy in Bangladesh’s history hit the country when Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was assassinated with most of his family members on 15 August 1975. Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana miraculously survived at that time. Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana both had to go through a great deal of pain and tribulations to recover Bangladesh from the tumult that engulfed the country after Bangabandhu’s murder.

Sheikh Rehana’s brilliance and wisdom have shown us the way to go ahead under inclement circumstances. We believe her guidance will lead us to more and more enlightenment in days to come.

Bangladesh has amazed the entire world with the magnitude of socio-economic advancement it has acquired during last several years including graduation from least developed countries (LDC) under the unwavering leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, capable daughter of father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Today 13 September is Sheikh Rehana’s birthday. We offer our endless love for her on this auspicious occasion. Sheikh Rehana believes in modesty and humbleness. She holds no political post. She does not hold any post in the government either. It is an evidence of Sheikh Rehana’s integrity and her greedless nature. At the same time Sheikh Rehana has all along served the nation and Awami League as a source of inspiration.

These are certainly rare qualities which Sheikh Rehana has inherited from the simple lifestyle Bangabandhu used to lead despite being one of the most charismatic leaders of the world. Plain living but high thinking characterized Bangabandhu. The same features are found in Sheikh Rehana too. People get to know about Sheikh Rehana’s birthday on 13 September through social networks. Millions of followers who honor Sheikh Rehana post their greetings, compliments and best wishes for her long and successful life.

Sheikh Rehana is one of the catalysts behind the development programs Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has so soundly initiated because she has all the time stood by the Prime Minister with solid assistance and ethical stimulus. Sheikh Rehana, like Bangabandhu, has a profoundly patriotic approach to Bangladesh.

That’s why she has been working for the progress of the nation most of the time in silence. This is a lesson to learn that one can serve the nation even without making much uproar. Sheikh Rehana’s personality emanates with this valuable message for us.

The leaders and activists of Awami League should follow the striking role of Sheikh Rehana, her devotion for the Prime Minister, her firmness under tough circumstances, her shining functionalities behind Bangladesh’s successful breakthroughs and her honesty, courage and determination.

While Sheikh Hasina was inside prison during the caretaker government of 2007-2008, Sheikh Rehana ran the party from London with her far-sight, dedicated vigor and bravery. Decorated leaders like Syed Ashraful Islam and former President Zillur Rahman were highly conducive to Awami League during those days of hardship.

Sheikh Rehana has equipped her children Radwan Siddiq Bobby, Tulip Siddiq and Azmina Siddique Rupanti with higher academic qualifications and socio-political intellect.  Sheikh Rehana’s daughter Tulip Siddiq is a politician belonging to British Labour Party. She was elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Hampstead and Kilburn in the 2015 general polls. Tulip Siddiq may someday become the first Bangladeshi-born minister or prime minister of Britain.

Moreover, Tulip Siddiq is vice-chairwoman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Anti-Semitism and a member of the Women and Equalities Select Committee. She was previously a councilor for Regent’s Park and Cabinet Member for Culture and Communities in Camden Council. Tulip Siddiq’s intellectual and political capabilities remind us of the mountainous political superiority Bangabandhu was respected for all over the world. Sheikh Rehana’s another daughter Azmina Siddique Rupanti has successfully accomplished her studies on cyber security. She is also scintillating in her professional career.

Simultaneously, Sheikh Rehana’s son Radwan Siddiq Bobby is occupied as a Consultant to United Nations Development Program (UNDP). He has been working for the UN with fame and professional prowess. Simultaneously Radwan Siddiq Bobby is associated with Center for Research and Information (CRI). He completed his studies from London School of Economics (LSE).

The reflections of the sparkle of Bangabandhu’s image can be traced in the stature of Radwan Siddiq Bobby. This young man is a valuable treasure for the country and there are a lot of constructive things to learn from him for the young generation around us. A sister in need is a sister indeed. This maxim can be duly said referring to Sheikh Rehana’s loving bonds with Sheikh Hasina.

At this moment Bangladesh is going through financial rackets and banking turmoil. These things threaten the country’s economy. A gang of fraudsters who do not believe in the spirit of 1971 are trying to put the country into financial perils. Some scammers have got hold of unlimited credit facilities from state-owned and private banks. That’s why most of the banks are bogged down with big sums of defaulted loans, capital deficit and liquidity crisis. Import costs have by far exceeded export earnings.

The amount of bad loans and mysterious loans is going up incessantly. Trade deficit of BDT 178.40 billion has already hammered Bangladesh which is the highest ever in the country’s history which is a threat to the country’s economic growth.

We look forward to the strong initiatives of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana to free Bangladesh from corruption and irregularities materializing the dream of Bangabandhu and it will also pave the way for implementing Vision 2041. Both Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana have struggled all their life for a happy Bangladesh. While concluding, I offer my best wishes for Sheikh Rehana’s long and healthy life.

Shoeb Chowdhury
The Asian Age, 13 September 2019 Link

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